Russian Tortoises in Captivity

The tortoises of the Mediterranean and Eurasia include five groups: Greek tortoises, Hermanns tortoises, Marginated tortoises, Egyptian tortoises, and Russian tortoises.

This book will discuss the captive care and breeding of Russian tortoises, but the care of most of the Mediterranean species is very similar.

Russian tortoises are quite personable, have a long history in the pet trade, and have been exported to the United States, Europe, and Asia for many years. In fact, Russian tortoises continue to be among the most common species imported into the United States. Unlike African Spurred tortoises and Leopard tortoises, which grow large, Russian tortoises are relatively small and are much easier to feed and care for than their larger cousins.

In this new book, expert tortoise breeder Jerry Fife presents insights into the captive care and breeding of Russian tortoises, with a look at the other species of Mediterranean tortoises. This book contains detailed information on indoor and outdoor enclosures, proper feeding and nutrition, breeding, egg incubation, care of young tortoises, and health information for all levels of keepers.

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