#8 Mine Turquoise Jewelry

Number 8 Turquoise has a distinctive character and can be readily identified from other types of turquoise. With its golden brown to black spider web matrix and unusually bright powder blue and green background, few gemstones have such variety, individual character, and personality as Number 8 Turquoise.
Since its discovery in 1925, this particular turquoise has been mined since 1929 and highly valued for its beauty and reputed spiritual and life-giving qualities. The Number 8 Turquoise mine is located in Eureka County Nevada. However, since 1976, all mining for Number 8 Turquoise has stopped. Dowell Ward, the last owner of the Number 8 mine, has kept a small amount for later sorting. Once his reserve is depleted, no more turquoise will be available to market. The Number 8 mine has been overtaken by gold mining operations that currently own the claim. Number 8 Turquoise is highly treasured by collectors. Fortunately, we have several examples of the last Number 8 Turquoise available. We are confident that any piece we have to offer would great addition to your collection.

A silver bracelet with a turtle on it

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A cross shaped pendant hanging on top of a tree branch.

Artistic Sterling Silver Setting

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A silver pendant hanging on top of a tree branch.

Cobblestone Inlay Pendant

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A turquoise stone is sitting on top of a silver bracelet.

Cuff Bracelet with a big

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A silver ring with a turquoise stone on top of it.

Ring Size 6 1/2

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A pair of turquoise and silver earrings sitting on top of a rock.

Sleek Sexy #8 Inlay Earrings

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