Golden Hills Turquoise

Unique periwinkle blues and beautiful burnt umber matrix have made this turquoise an instant favorite in the Southwest. Coming from the Altyn-Tyube mine in Kazakhstan, this hard, high-grade material produces gorgeous natural cabochons. Golden Hill Turquoise showcases a Light Blue Stone with Lavender Hues. Its matrix can range from a deep Lavender to deep Reds, Browns or Rust Colors.
In the hills of Kazakhstan sits the Golden Hills mine, where this turquoise is only mined in the winter month’s during the freezing cold & snow. They cannot mine it in the summer due to the area flooding due to the conditions there. It is difficult to get because of the environment & the location.
It is one of the prettiest turquoises being mined & due to it’s popularity, it is the most in demand.

A necklace hanging on a tree branch.

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A silver bracelet with a blue stone on it.

Horny Toad Cuff

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