Camp Lordsburg



Camp Lordsburg

Japanese Internees & Foreign Prisoners of War

in New Mexico during WWII

author Mollie Pressler

Foreword by Dale F. Giese, Ph.D.

Mollie Pressler brings to life many of the men incarcerated in the camp, and paints a picture of life inside, the conditions

in which the men lived, and friendships they forged on both sides of the fence. This is the first book written about the camp’s history.


Pressler is the foremost expert on the history of Lordsburg’s internment and prisoner of war camp, one of the most important during WWII.

Born in Texas, she holds a masters in history from Western New Mexico University, and she has been a lifelong educator in Lordsburg.


245 Pages,  177 Photos, Maps and Drawings


Po Box 376

Rodeo, NM  88056



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