Amphibians of the Sky Islands – Coronado National Forest





Author  Gordon W. Schuett ,  Charles F. Smith  &  William Wells

The Sky Islands of Arizona and New Mexico are celebrated for their immense and unusual floral and faunal diversity, including the amphibians. The Coronado National Forest has the greatest biodiversity of any National Forest in the western United States, and their biotic communities of these ranges often are referred to as biodiversity hotspots. With the onset of summer monsoons, plant communities of the sky islands transform and the rains trigger an explosion of amphibian breeding activity. Deafening choruses of frogs and toads fill the night air. In this visually stunning and scientifically accurate field book, Amphibians of the Sky Islands—Coronado National Forest, Schuett, Smith, and Wells invite us to experience these special animals and their stunning landscapes.

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