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GERONIMO An American-Apache Story is a short documentary (19 min, 30 sec) specifically intended to showcase aspects of the early Chiricahua Apache Indians in the Southwest during the mid- to late 1880s. Especial emphasis has been placed on the adult life of its most famous warrior and icon, Geronimo. The legend of Lozen, Apache woman warrior and seer, is woven into the story to bring a sense of awe and highlight mystery. Apache life and raids became intolerable in an ever increasing modern world dominated by European settlers. As East and West collide the final chapter is written Geronimo surrendered to General Nelson Miles on September 4, 1886, at Skeleton Canyon, Arizona territory. A new era begins in the West. Indian warfare in the U.S. is mostly over by the beginning of the 20th century.

Script by Gordon W. Schuett Narrated by Academy Honorary Award winning actor, Wes Studi Produced and Directed by Tim Lawson, Bob Ashley, and Gordon W. Schuett

This documentary also can be viewed at the Apache Museum (Geronimo Event Center), located near Rodeo, New Mexico. This project was funded through the generosity of the Chiricahua Desert Museum (

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