Hummingbirds of Arizona : Beauty Through the Lens of an Artisit



By Tell Hicks

Foreword by : Peg Abbott

Edited by : Gordon W. Schuett

84 Full Color Pages

In this remarkable book by British artist Tell Hicks, all hummingbird species known to exist in Arizona are portrayed. An accident in 2018 left Tell paralyzed, from the upper chest down, with little movement or feeling in his arms and hands. Fortunately, his right-hand thumb remained functional, and with the help of physical therapy he re-learned how to hold a brush and paint. Thankfully, two American friends (very capable visual artists), Carel P. Brest van Kempen and William B. Montgomery, were able to help Tell  finish this book. ECO is honored to be the publisher of this magnificent project.  


“It is a real honor to be a part of Tell Hicks book along with
William B. Montgomery, two of the world’s top animal illustrators and naturalists. The chief illustrator, Tell Hicks, has done
it again, with this complete celebration of Arizona’s hummingbirds. As always, his paintings are not only beautifully composed and accurately rendered depictions of each species, they
also include details of each bird’s habitat and ecology.”



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