STATUS AND THREATS OF AFROTROPICAL AMPHIBIANS – SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA, MADAGASCAR, WESTERN INDIAN OCEAN ISLANDS – Amphibian Biology, Volume 11, Part 7 Status of Conservation and Decline of Amphibians Eastern Hemisphere



Frankfurt am Main May 2021, Hardcover, large format, 244 pages, more than 300 illustrations, 9 maps. Frankfurt Contributions to Natural History Vol. 78. “Due to their physiology, morphology and complex life cycles, amphibian species are often highly habitat-specific and particularly threatened by environmental changes. Currently more than one third of all species is believed to be threatened. The worldwide decline of amphibians therefore has become a symbol for the Global Biodiversity Crisis. Whereas in recent years many studies have reported the threat status of amphibians in the northern hemisphere, Latin America and Australia, very little information was available for Africa, in particular for sub-Saharan Africa. This book illustrates the beauty of Afrotropical amphibians as well as their habitats and threats, summarizing our previous knowledge and presenting new facts concerning the status, threats and potential future of amphibians in all sub-Saharan countries, Madagascar and western Indian Ocean islands. It will serve as a guideline for conservationists, decision makers and researchers, and due to its lavishly illustrated layout, will also be attractive to everybody interested in African amphibians in particular and amphibian biology

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