Field Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of Israel



Frankfurt am Main June/July 2021, HC., 512 pages, more than 300 colour photographs. “Israel’s positioning at the juncture of Asia, and Africa, and between the Sahara and Arabian deserts in the south, and Mediterranean and mountain regions in the north, make it zoologically very diverse. It packs a variety of landscapes, habitats, vegetation types, and fauna, into a small and easily accessible area. The reptile fauna of Israel is species rich, with nearly 90 species, and highly diverse, with representatives of 25 families. All this wealth can be easily seen, and all is found, within half a day of driving from the main population hubs of the greater Tel Aviv area or Jerusalem. This makes Israel one of the most attractive destinations for reptile enthusiasts and professional herpetologists alike. Amphibians, on the other hand, are less diverse due to Israel’s arid to semi-arid climate and are represented by a total of 8 species – but again representing six families. This book presents up-to-date, useful information on the identification, taxonomic status, conservation needs, biogeography, life history, general biology, and potential risk to humans, of all species of reptiles and amphibians currently occurring in Israel: both land and sea, both native and introduced. It is Intended both as a field guide and as a source of data on the current status and biology of Israeli reptiles and amphibians, many of which occur in neighboring countries for which no updated field guides are currently available. The book details each species with an updated textual description, colorful images, and both local and global distribution maps. Species inhabiting sandy habitats are addressed in a special chapter detailing their tracks and how to read them, with the aid of text and photographs. In addition to its species coverage, this book also covers Israel’s unique conservation issues, and surveys its diverse biogeographical habitats, and how they contribute to its rich herpetofauna.”

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