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The Kauffeld Letters

Through the eyes of a curious and ambitious young man who was befriended by a famous zoo director and curator, Carl F. Kauffeld of the Staten Island Zoo, The Kauffeld Letters chronicles friendships, adventures, and snake-hunting in the Deep South. Through correspondence that lasted from 1965 to1974, Gary Williamson describes the letters he and Carl shared. To be sure, this is not a biography, but more like a time-capsule of people, places, animals, and memories that have been opened and exposed after a hiatus of over 50 years. As Robert Zappalorti writes in his Foreword, “sit back in your chair and join Gary Williamson—and Carl Kauffeld—as they take you afield in search of secretive snakes and other wildlife. I’m sure you will be charmed….”

$129.95  Limited Edition Leather Bound w/ Slip Case

292 Pages

233 Photos

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